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“I think Docu Magazine is a great creative platform that not only gives space to artists to showcase their work but provides valuable information that can help shape your career, and vision and give you tips on how to succeed.“

Gabrielle Joseph,

Amateur Photographer, from United States.


“Docu Magazine is a platform that unites and motivates. Thanks to your tips, I have started to develop my networking and make more deliberate plans to promote and implement my projects. One of my projects made it to a group exhibition in London.“

Alina Safronova,

Amateur Photographer, from Russia.


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Sujith Sam,

Amateur Photographer, from India.


“Very nice community with a good valorization tool. I like your personalized approach and the simplicity“

Lidia Chavoinskaia,

Amateur Photographer, from France.


Educational PDFs:

  • Self-Publish A Photobook: A Practical Step By Step Guide From Start To Finish. (.PDF)


  • Visual Storytelling Checklist For Documentary Photographers: How To Improve Your Storytelling Skills. (.PDF)


  • Project Blueprint: Step By Step Guide – How To Create A Powerful Documentary Photography Project From Start To Finish. (.PDF)


  • How To Turn Problems Into Solutions: Learn How Documentary Photographers Turned Painful Problems Into Brilliant Solutions (.PDF)


  • Ways of Seeing: A Book Summary Every Photography Student Should Read (.PDF)


  • On Photography: A Book Summary Every Photography Student Should Read. (.PDF)


  • Career Blueprint: Travel The World And Earn A Steady Income As A Documentary Photographer. (.PDF).


  • How To Sell Prints Online: Automate Everything And Earn Money While You Sleep. (.PDF).