Published in Docu Book Vol 4.
Best of Documentary & Street Photography
ISSN: 2814-9033
Digital publication (ebook)

Interview & Photographs: 

Akshat Jain

Tell about yourself a little bit… How did you become a photographer?

I am a 21-year-old boy from Delhi, India. I live in Norway and am doing my Master’s here. I did engineering before. I became a photographer just by curiosity. My father bought me a cheap disposable camera when my family was visiting Agra. I still remember peeking from the viewfinder and looking at various objects with fascination, but I didn’t start there. When I was 18 I bought a new phone, I really wanted to test the camera and understand the optics and sensor behind it (Being an engineer fascinated me to explore). This is how I started, learning every technical detail and using photography as a science. But then I took a workshop on Analog Cameras and it changed my perspective completely, I think my photography was reborn at that time.

What has been the biggest lesson you have learned as a photographer?

The biggest lesson I have learned is to…