Published in Docu Book Vol 4.
Best of Documentary & Street Photography
ISSN: 2814-9033
Digital publication (ebook)

Interview & Photographs: 

Alfredo Romero

Tell about yourself a little bit… How did you become a photographer?

I have always been very observant, since i was a child it has caught my attention to be able to collect those moments, places or things with some meaning for me. Although i knew that photography was my hobby, it took me a while to focus my efforts on achieving it, at first training myself as well as i could in the analog world, taking the most serious leap with digital technology, trying different disciplines, but it was not until recently a few years ago i discovered the potential of the streets as a photographic setting and since then i have been fascinated by its totally unforeseen possibilities, collecting what happens in front of me with different approaches.

What has been the biggest lesson you have learned as a photographer?

You will never stop surprising yourself with your…