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“I have found the Docu Academy helpful as it is full of online resources that are full of information and you can go back through and re watch whatever parts you want whenever you want.”



“I find the Docu Academy to be a great resource for inspiration and community. Each photographer’s project or story gives an interesting insight into their thought process and photographic approach.”



“Watching the Docu Academy videos was very helpful for a couple of reasons.

First of all, the assignments; as a street photographer usually I go outside in the city and take photographs of everyday life, without a project in my mind. Reading the assignments at the end of each video made me think that maybe I need to organize better my shooting time.

The second reason is about the projects; behind all of them there’s the will of the photographer to shoot what he or she likes.

Thanks for this interesting stuff.”



“I have always found it a bit hard to be consistent, but having a blueprint and listening to other creatives explain their background, creative process and approach to a new project has been doing wonders for my planning and photography!”


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