Almost Ready…

This is not just a book – this is a mission.

Business people know nothing about branding, and their ”brands” are incredibly boring.

A brand is not a logo or a cute pastel color palette.

A brand is a mental image that communicates a specific message or feeling.

Branding comes naturally to artists, they don’t even think they are building a brand. This is because artists don’t try to be creative, open-minded, curious storytellers who ”think differently”… They simply are that already – that’s their default settings.

But being a master of branding is only one side of the coin. At the same time many artists are terrible at selling. 

No one wants to be seen as a ”sellout”. It’s embarrassing, right?

Selling feels uncomfortable. 

“As an artist I want to make art, not money.”

The social stigma has been controlling artists, but now a shift is happening. Younger generations don’t feel the shame anymore.

The starving artist has starved to death – now creative people feel empowered when they can finally make a living without feeling bad about it.

There is no shame in earning an income as an artist, photographer, creative freelancer…

The old institutions are against this idea, but that’s how it has always been. 

Liberation from old norms means more power to more creatives. We stand in the frontlines of this movement.

Would you be against the idea of earning an extra income by promoting a photo book featuring your work and interview? No, that would be ridiculous, right?

Join our affiliate program, so that you can get paid.

We use a platform called Gumroad for this initiative. It’s a free platform, but they take a small fee for every sale. We have used this platform since 2021 and it’s been working great, their payments have never been late.

In order to get paid as an affiliate, you need a free Gumroad account – and a verified PayPal account.

If you want to receive direct deposit payouts to your bank or debit card… You have to live (yes, actually live) in one of the following countries and you will be paid out in your native currency. The estimated payout speed for each country is mentioned in brackets. (No PayPal needed).

Argentina (7 business days) Australia (2 business days)
Austria (3 business days) Belgium (3 business days)
Bulgaria (3 business days) Canada (3 business days)
Croatia (3 business days) Cyprus (3 business days)
Czech Republic (3 business days) Denmark (3 business days)
Estonia (3 business days) Finland (3 business days)
France (3 business days) Germany (3 business days)
Greece (3 business days) Hong Kong (7 calendar days)
Hungary (3 business days) Ireland (3 business days)
Israel (2 business days) Italy (3 business days)
Latvia (3 business days) Lithuania (3 business days)
Luxembourg (3 business days) Malta (3 business days)
Mexico (3-7 calendar days) Netherlands (3 business days)
New Zealand (4 business days) Peru (7 business days)
Philippines (5 business days) Poland (3 business days)
Portugal (3 business days) Romania (3 business days)
Singapore (7 calendar days) Slovakia (3 business days)
Slovenia (3 business days) South Korea (7 calendar days)
Spain (3 business days) Sweden (3 business days)
Switzerland (3 business days) Thailand (7 calendar days)
Trinidad & Tobago (7 business days) United Arab Emirates* (5 business days)
United Kingdom (3 business days) United States of America (2 business days)

*Business accounts only

If you do not live in one of these countries, you can only be paid out via PayPal

If you don’t have a verified PayPal account…

What to do now?

1. Create a free Gumroad account here: 


2. Make sure you have confirmed your account: Login to your account, go to settings, see the green link ”Resend Confirmation”. Accept the confirmation email . 


3. After you have a confirmed your Gumroad account, go to settings, fill out your payout settings. You can also go to Settings –> Payments –> Connect PayPal.


4. Finally, connect your Gumroad account to our affiliate program down below.

This is 100% free for you.

When someone buys the book from your promo link, the buyer pays Gumroad, then Gumroad will process the payment and takes their fee (7%). Then Gumroad pays the affiliate 50% (this is you). Every Friday is a payday. The buyer gets the book (pdf) + free bonuses immediately after the payment.

Getting an extra 300€ every Friday would be nice, don’t you think?

What would you do if you had an extra 1200€ every month?

Try it and see if it works for you. If no one buys, then you know this was not for you. 

This is a risk-free project. We want to make sure that our photographers have nothing to lose.