Published in Docu Book Vol 4.
Best of Documentary & Street Photography
ISSN: 2814-9033
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Interview & Photographs: 

Andrew Dickieson

Tell about yourself a little bit… How did you become a photographer?

My father was a photographer while I was young. I grew up watching him work in the dark room and airbrush photographs in the back rooms of his studio. But it was the VHS camcorder that had the biggest impact on my life. No matter where we were or what we were doing my father was recording those precious home movies. one day I actually picked up that camcorder and began to record. this became my life. That camcorder took me to college and then to Los Angeles where i have been working in film and television for the past 15 years.

Along the way I started my own family and after we had our first child my wife and I invested in our first camera to do the same thing my dad was doing 30 years prior. It was this camera that really opened my eyes to the opportunity that is living in LA. It was the first time I really looked at the people around me and I’ve fallen in love with really looking at people and trying to see the small slice of their story that I get to witness.

What has been the biggest lesson you have learned as a photographer?

The biggest thing that I’ve learned as a photographer is to always…