Photo: © Anna Marzia Soria

Docu Interview: Anna Marzia Soria

Instagram: @bibixfoto

1. What’s your favorite drink?

Juice of watermelon, ginger and lime.

2. Who are you?

I’m Biba for all and i’m a freelance photographer based in Bari. I’m love a type of minimal photography in which the approach to the representation of reality takes on a more anthropological and artistic slant, sometimes documentary and in which the interaction between the natural world and the human world, even in a more conceptual sense, are at the center of his photographic story in an almost dreamlike suspension dimension. Photography is for me a long-term dialogue with the soul. Reflections in the form of an image. In her shots she seems to forget the perception of time. Everything happens in a simple and slow way, with the rhythms of natural light.

3. Let's travel back in time... How did you get started with photography?

When we were traveling my father always took photographs and that gesture has remained in my heart. Growing up, I received my first camera as a gift and it was in this way that I began to tell my soul through images. in 2008 I was among the winners of an international photo competition this was the moment when I understood the value of photography for me.

4. Tell about your project/photo essay?

the title of the photographic project is “HIC ET NUNC” is a long-term project, a reflection on young people who after the pandemic and who revealed fragility, loneliness especially those of disoriented, frightened and stuck young people in their environments, forced them to relive spaces that they would never have thought to be vital, they discovered places where they can savor the taste of freedom, being able to meet without any harness, where you can feel the vibrations again passing from one to the other even if distant, where you can breathe your dreams.

As the months went by, we realized that social relations are an essential element of our life, which cannot be replaced with digital means of communication. With the loosening of the restrictive anti-covid measures19, with the areas of the various regions that began to fade to white, young people were finally able to savor the emotion of contact, to return to their meeting places, the most obvious gestures such as a selfie, they have become unique, timidly, with their masks lowered or almost, they have sought in a kiss, the liberating breath of a year of suffocating asphyxia, they have looked at the horizon in search of answers sitting on those walls that know their anxieties and hopes, they have only climbed where they know, they have waited for a journey to have wings and to get away from all thoughts. Here and now as if there was no more time; here and now, young people out while time passes inexorably.

5. What is your advice for new young photographers?

The young photographers are full of creativity, they are passionate I don’t feel like giving them advice … young people are the future and I would like them to be free from patterns.

6. What is or has been your biggest struggle as a photographer?

it is very difficult to understand how much value photography has for itself, because after all photography has always been seen as a minor art and then for the type of documentary and street photography there is still a lot to do. There is no photojournalism that has given many job opportunities to great photographers.

7. What is your opinion: who are currently the "thought leaders" in documentary photography/visual storytelling?

I really admire the photography of the photojournalist Alex Majoli, but also Dario Coletti, Paolo Pellegrin.

8. How about the "next big names"? Name 1-3 up-and-coming photographers who are not very famous yet, but whose work everyone should check out.

9. Do you sell prints? If yes, where can people buy them?

Anyone interested in my prints can scroll through my Instagram page and ask privately with a message to be able to buy a print.

10. Why did you submit your project/photo essay to Docu Magazine?

I know Docu magazine and I know that it is a high quality online and print magazine. It would have been gratifying to have been chosen among other talented photographers to introduce my photographic project to many … a great opportunity.

BONUS: Anything else you would like to add?