Docu Award is a monthly cash prize handed over to one talented photographer.


Docu Magazine is a monthly print publication from Helsinki, Finland.


Every month our editors will select one talented photographer, who wins the Docu Award cash prize.


Our mission is to find new talents, both amateur and professional photographers.


How does this work?
Get the latest issue of Docu Magazine as a PDF every month – pay whatever you want!
The money you pay will be added to the monthly Docu Award cash prize.

🥂 Perhaps one month you will be the selected winner?


What people say?

“Docu Magazine for amateur photographer is a golden ticket for future opportunity. Getting featured or published in the magazine is a very great thing for photographer like me from a small town.“

Sumit Bera,
Amateur Photographer, from India.


“I think that the work you do is very important because you give a platform to a lot of photographers and you allow us, the readers, to discover again and again new stories.“

Olivier Ceccaldi,
Amateur Photographer, from France.


“It is a great medium for photographers to get exposure. I love the way it is set up. It looks great and classy.“

Ingrid Verhey,
Professional Photographer, from Netherlands.