Docu Scoreboard

For photographers who have been published in Docu ebook series.

Here you can see how many times your discount link has been used.


It’s almost like playing bingo!


Your discount link will expire after 2 weeks.

⏱️ Deadline: You have 2 weeks to get 2 bingos. 

Scoreboard is automatically updated every 5 minutes.
👇 Scroll down to see the latest updates…

See how many times your discount link has been used:

🏆 1 time = you get a free Instagram feature
🏆🏆 2 times = you will get published in the print magazine 
* If you don’t see you name on the Scoreboard, it means that no one has used your discount link yet. 

How to read the Scoreboard:


Your name will show up on the Scoreboad automatically when your discount link has been used.

How to get your name on the Scoreboard?

•You can purchase the ebook package for yourself and see your name show up on the Scoreboard.
•You can buy the ebook package for a friend as a gift. 

•When someone else uses your discount link, for example…

•You can share your link to your friends and followers. Instagram story with a link sticker works really well.

•You can promote your link on other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter…