How To Get Published?

Getting published in print is the ultimate dream for many upcoming photographers. 


But there is a problem… 


In these days the competition is crazy because print publications have almost completely disappeared — and there are more photographers than ever.


Only a few will get published and the rest will get rejected. 

Who are the lucky few?

Does this sound like you?

If yes, here is a surprise for you:

New Educational PDF Package For Curious Photographers — If You Learn Nothing, Get Your Money Back!




⭐ Bonus 1: Free written feedback – learn what you are already doing right, where you need to improve and get practical tips from editors. (Normal price: 87€).

⭐ Bonus 2: Free Instagram Feature – win the competition and get 1 single image posted (no risk of rejection, 100% guarantee).

⭐ Bonus 3: Free Masterclass we are currently working on an online Masterclass, part 1 should be ready by June 2022 (you’ll get a free access when it’s ready!)


We are closing this offer soon, get yours now before it’s gone!


People who downloaded this PDF Package say:

The Project Blueprint For Documentary Photographers was my favorite because it is short, concise, meaningful and very motivational.”


”Since I’m interested in publishing a photobook, the Self-Publish guide was my favorite.”


“The Project Blueprint PDF was my favorite one. I love that it is reduced, on point and unique. I’ve never seen a photographic project procedure on one chart!”


“All these PDFs are good information, but for me the Project Blueprint is a great recapitulation of the steps to follow in a project.”

This is not for people who:

  • Are not curious about the world.
  • Think they are already better than everyone else.
  • Don’t appreciate creativity.
  • Are not interested in learning.

But, if you have a curious mind and you want to know the industry secrets, you came to the right place.

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