Thank you!

What happens next?

Read carefully.

Our editors will check out your photos soon. If we like your work, we will contact you.

At first we will publish digital books – and if all goes well, hopefully we can add physical books into our selection later.

What if you get selected?

Imagine it’s a typical Tuesday. But you wake up naturally with the sun – no alarm clock today…

You check your phone. It looks like you made $120 while you slept.

It’s the book sales.

After breakfast you start outlining a new project plan for a photo series…

Being an artist or a creative freelancer makes life meaningful

But this is the reality: we all have bills to pay. That’s why many creatives have multiple sources of income. 

  • Book sales is a simple way to generate passive income, so that you can focus on your personal projects, traveling, new experiences, helping others…

  • As a creative person, your imagination is your most important resource. You need to be good at managing your mental and emotional state, so that you can get into the creative zone when it’s time to work.

  • If you have to think about money all the time, it’s very difficult to be creative.

  • Anything that takes up unnecessarily mental bandwidth will hurt your creativity – money worries being a classic case in point.

  • From a creative perspective, the best thing about having an extra income is not having to worry about money. It’s not a problem, and you are free to turn your mind to more inspiring subjects.

Published photographers will promote the book and earn a 50% commission for each sale. 

Getting paid is now easier and faster for our photographers.

Yes, our goal is to help our photographers to earn a weekly income by book sales. 

This is a collaboration, if you don’t want to promote the book, then this is probably not for you…

You will get paid to your PayPal account — or directly to your bank account, depending on the country where you live.

Making a living as a photographer is hard these days. Selling books will not make you rich, but it helps paying the monthly bills…

If you just want to make money fast, this is not for you. This is for people who think long-term.

Finally, this is 100% free. You don’t have to pay anything. Not now, and not later.