Published in Docu Book Vol 4.
Best of Documentary & Street Photography
ISSN: 2814-9033
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Interview & Photographs: 


Tell about yourself a little bit… How did you become a photographer?

Above all, with the help of my mother who was my first sponsor and who bought me my first camera.

As for my taste for photography, it came during an internship where I met a photographer for whom I did some menial tasks. This allowed me to have my first privileged relationship with photography: I was in a quiet atmosphere, at the back of a studio, in charge of the classification of black and white images of statues. This form of expression touched me. Like many people, I discovered classics such as Brassaï, R.Doisneau, H.C.Bresson… I then repeated the experience in a French gallery and photo magazine where I discovered W.Klein, D.Moriyama, B.Gilden… Images that left an impression!

What has been the biggest lesson you have learned as a photographer?

Personally, I would say that with a camera in my hands, I found a way to…