Before you enter the ebook library, have a look what others have said.


“I have already contacted about 50-60 photographers who I liked the most and asked them to give me feedback. I really like this concept, haven’t really seen anything like this before. Keep up the good work guys!!”


“Very helpful for me. Im an introvert and don’t like networking, but this is actually easy and fun. 


Also the free PDF guides are awesome, haven’t read them all yet but definitely will soon!”


“Tbh the real gem is Docu Academy. There are like 30 videos where pro photographers explain how they created their projects, this is pure gold for an amateur like me…”


“This is like a secret social network haha!

The career blueprint PDF was a bit controversial in my opinion, but I think you are not wrong, it’s just the world today that has changed a lot.”


“These interviews are really interesting. I like to look for similarities in their answers and then compare the photos – and finally contact those who are the closest to my style. Really nice concept!


“These free PDF guides are interesting… the career PDF is a bit too much for me, but for younger generations it might work if that’s what they want to do in these digital times… I enjoyed the videos in the academy. This is more my style, but I’m already in my 60’s.


“A lot of stuff here, it takes weeks to go through all these! I prefer short texts bc my adhd but the videos are nice. Really like the actionable assignments.”


“Thanks to you I already made new online friends from 3 different continents. Best part was actually your discord, can’t wait to start the collab thing. Some of the free PDFs were a bit boring as I’ve already published a few photo books. Maybe works for amateurs?”


“I started street photography during covid and now really getting into it. I have no formal education in photography so for me this is like studying a full degree. Thanks!”


“As a hobbyist streetphotographer and a sales consultant by profession I have to say this: You are selling this too cheap. 10 x your price or turn this into monthly subscription thing. This is too good for this price point you are losing money lol.”


“I discovered you on Instagram and then purchased your ebook library. This is a goldmine. Since using your resources I’ve seen significant improvement in my projects and gained confidence as an amateur photographer.


“The career pdf really opened my eyes, also project blueprint is a must have. Thanks for sharing these, haven’t really seen this kind of materials anywhere. I’m a self-taught photographer so maybe it’s just me. Anyways thank you!!!


“Great to see amateurs and pros published side by side in harmony. I’m only a beginner myself but this gives me motivation. Your team has a lot of empathy and a humanist approach.”


“Came here for Docu Books but now been doing the academy for several weeks, and building my own toolbox with new projects. This has been quite a journey. Thank you Docu team for doing this!


“Your style is different from the others, I like the honesty and realness. Many projects like this are too clean, too cold and feel fake. Yours is not perfect in a good way… if that makes sense.”


Nice to see the evolution of Docu Books. Would love to have my photos there one day.