“I found Docu Magazine on Instagram and it was an honour to get published along with such talented photographers. On top of that, I joined the e-book library and discord community. The e-book library helps in understanding different perspective of Street and Documentary photography. All of them are a few clicks away and you can learn something from each of them.


On the other hand, I find the discord community to be absolutely fantastic. If you are looking for a quick feedback on your work, you get it (almost instantly) from many like minded experienced photographers. Or if you just want to have a conversation about photography in general, you can reach out to folks in the community. Technically, the discord community is well organised and navigation inside the community is seamless. I can see dedicated channels for talks, feedback, polls, ideas, and so on. It really helps in keeping your conversation organised.


It’s perfect for new photographers to learn and experienced ones to give back to the community.”

Jayendra Sharan