Open Call For Photographers.

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Get Published + Get Paid!

⏱️ Deadline: October 15, 2022

Get published in Docu Book: Vol 3 (e-publication) and in Docu Magazine Vol 3 Issue 9-10 (print publication).

Category: Documentary & Street Photography 
Who can enter: amateur photographers , professional photographers, freelancers.

The problem with many Open Calls is this: the photographer has to pay submission fees.

This Open Call is 100% free to enter.

And the best part is this: our photographers are getting paid!

✔️ All photographers retain full and exclusive rights to their images.

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✔️ Hard times are coming, getting an extra income is a smart move.

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❌ If you don’t want to promote the e-book, then this is not for you.

Open Call – 100% Free To Enter

After you click “send for free”, our editors will check out your Instagram.


If we like your photos, we will contact you.



Unfortunately, we are not able to contact everyone.



We are not looking for photographers who just want to get published.

We are looking for photographers who want to get published and paid.

Why we do this?

2 problems we want to solve:

1. Getting published in a print magazine is rare these days. Docu Magazine is a small independent publication. We are not very famous and we don’t have millions of readers. But everyone can enter the open call for free – no submission fees.

2. Making money as a Documentary or Street Photographer is very difficult, because it’s typically not commercial work – it’s art. We offer our photographers an easy way to earn a weekly income.

We want to give photographers a platform with no hidden costs, this is 100% free – you don’t have to pay anything, not now and not later.

What People Say About Docu Magazine?

“After reading the story of Tuomas, my curiosity increased and I wanted to be able to publish in Docu Magazine. I believe that the commitment that Docu makes is honest and it is a platform to show new photographers but above all to open the debate, reflections, and study of contemporary documentary photography as a necessary value for memory and to understand humanity and the environment that surrounds us – and of which we are apart.”

David Diaz Arcos,

Professional Photographer, from Ecuador.

“I don’t yet feel like I’ve earned the right to submit my work like a “real” photographer, but your platform feels generous and inclusive. It makes me feel like I might as well take the risk, just for the hell of it, so I can see what happens.”

Cahleen Hudson,

Amateur Photographer From United States



“I found out about Docu Magazine through a friend who has already published on the platform. I think it’s a great opportunity for visual storytellers, amateurs and professionals, to be displayed. I also like the types of stories picked by the curators: they speak about different realities from all over the world, focusing on interesting themes and subjects. I really appreciated the paper magazine as well, which give a unique meaning to the pictures.”

Chiara Maggiore,
Professional Photographer, from Italy.

“Docu Magazine is a platform that unites and motivates. Thanks to your tips, I have started to develop my networking and make more deliberate plans to promote and implement my projects. One of my projects made it to a group exhibition in London.

Alina Safronova,
Amateur Photographer, from Russia.


“Docu Magazine for amateur photographer is a golden ticket for future opportunity. Getting featured or published in the magazine is a very great thing for photographer like me from a small town.

Sumit Bera,
Amateur Photographer, from India.


“I was just reading Tuomas’ story and it is truly inspiring. It is great to have this ease of access to a publication like this and the possibility to be featured in a documentary publication open for everyone.

Xavier Buendia,
Professional Photographer, from Mexico.

“I think it is great. There is something out there for everyone and your mag allows for stories that might otherwise never get out to be told.

Jon Vigil,
Amateur Photographer, from United States.