Published in Docu Book Vol 4.
Best of Documentary & Street Photography
ISSN: 2814-9033
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Interview & Photographs: 

Marta Petrone

Tell about yourself a little bit… How did you become a photographer?

I can trace the origins of my interest back to when I was a child and my grandfather used a homemade enlarger in his bathroom to recreate photographs from black and white family vacation photos that he had taken and developed. I stayed there with him for a few hours just to witness the wonder of images magically forming in the tray and experience the strange aromas of developer, fixer, and vinegar. Naturally, as I became a little older, I wanted to give it a shot for myself. After that, I carried a camera at all times. I adore capturing individuals doing things naturally, without being posed.

What has been the biggest lesson you have learned as a photographer?

The most crucial lesson I took away from photography was…