Our Mission

Statement of Purpose

At Docu Magazine, we believe in the power of print. 


We know that there’s something special about holding a physical magazine in your hands, turning the pages and really taking in the images and stories.


We’re on a mission to keep publishing in print, even in this digital age.


Docu Magazine is a not-for-profit publication. This means that every time someone orders a copy, we make no profit. We are a group of artists, photographers and freelancers – this is our passion. 


Our open call is completely free to enter. We do not charge any entry fees or submission fees. We believe that everyone should have equal opportunities to showcase their creativity.  


We’re all about supporting and promoting talented photographers who capture the world through documentary and street photography. 


We want to give these artists a platform to share their work with the world, and we want to give readers the chance to discover and connect with their stories in a meaningful way.


Producing a print magazine isn’t cheap. That’s why we also publish ebooks – Docu Books. We fund the production of our physical magazine by selling ebooks, which have gained huge popularity. The ebook library has become a big platform for learning, networking and making new connections.


Please note that we do not sell individual ebooks, but instead, all of our ebooks are available in the ebook library only.

We want to be very open and transparent about how we do things. 


So let’s celebrate print and ebooks together. And let’s support and uplift the photographers who bring these stories to life. 


In summary: We are a small independent publisher. Thanks to our ebooks, we are able to maintain our print magazine even though it doesn’t generate profit. Despite the struggles that print media currently faces, Docu Magazine is here to stay.




Comments from published photographers:

“Was honoured to be published in Docu Magazine. The quality of printing was fantastic. Loved the variety of images. Thank you again.”

Rating: 5/5

Photographer, David Wallace


“I was published in both Docu Magazine & Docu Book. Thank you for the support you give to all photographers and for the wonderfully printed publications.
It’s been a pleasure to be featured!”

Rating: 5/5

Photographer, Isabel Sangro


“I’m thrilled to be published in both ebook and the print issue of Docu Magazine. It’s very nice to see my images next to some extremely interesting & talented photographers. The print quality of the magazine is also very nice! I love it!”

Rating: 5/5

Photographer, Ryan Devereux


“I have been published in both Docu Magazine & Docu Book. Great experience!”

Rating: 5/5

Photographer, Laurent Spadotto


“I have been published in both Docu Magazine & Docu Book. A lovely magazine and ebook to be included in and a great opportunity to be part of a growing community of other photographers.”

Rating: 5/5

Photographer, Gaby Zak


“I have been published in both Docu Magazine & Docu Book. This opportunity allows street photographers to be printed in a high-quality magazine and be noticed by a larger audience. It’s also interesting and exciting for me to discover the versatility of street photography, as Docu Magazine selects talented photographers from all over the world.”

Rating: 5/5

Photographer, Lena Möricke


“I have been published in Docu Magazine. An excellent photography magazine in terms of content quality and print quality. Docu Magazine offers quality photographic reports and a selection of excellent individual photographs. A magazine unique in its style and structure.”

Rating: 5/5

Photographer, Bruno Gohin


“I have been published in both Docu Magazine and Docu Book. It was a pleasure to be published with 2 photos and an interview in the Docu Book and with 2 photos in the beautiful Docu Magazine among these talented photographers from all over the world.
Thanks so much Docu team!”

Rating: 5/5

Photographer, Stefanie Waiblinger


“I have been published in both Docu Magazine and Docu Book. I appreciate their vision very much and their project too, so having been a part of it makes me deeply proud.”

Rating: 5/5

Photographer, Alice Morelli


“I have been published in both, print magazine and e-book, and I’m so glad to be part of this project. Thanks so much to everyone in the team of Docu Magazine, really nice work with high quality.”

Rating: 5/5

Photographer, Alberto Royo Prados


“I have been published in both Docu Book and Docu Magazine. It has been a great pleasure to be part of this project with other street or documentary photographers from all over the world. Their points of view are very different and all interesting! Everyone sees reality with their own unique eyes!”

Rating: 5/5

Photographer, Elisa Roman


“Having my art in both print and e-book has been a thrill and gave me the chance to discover other photographers from around the globe.”

Rating: 5/5

Photographer, Anthony Hamilton


Not only a great stepping stone into the world of printed work and getting published, but an awesome community backing it up to help educate and push forward emerging talent.”

Rating: 5/5

Photographer, Darren Ridgway


“Very good magazine. It has been a pleasure to be featured on it and have the cover image!”

Rating: 5/5

Photographer, Luca Paccusse