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Why submit your photos?

Many professional photographers know these already, but since we are getting a lot of submissions from amateurs too, these might be helpful…

  • Publications in magazines make your CV and portfolio look much more impressive.

  • When you post on social media about your latest publication credits, you establish a reputation for yourself.

  • Being published in magazine establishes that you have taken the time to learn some of the etiquette of the publishing industry.

  • You also show that you can work with editors on a professional level, stick to your goals, and manage deadlines.

  • Networking is never a waste of time. Having your photos and name published in a magazine is marketing not only to the public but to every art director in the industry and gives you more credibility in their eyes.

  • It’s not easy being a photographer these days when the competition is crazy. Getting published means that your creativity and hard work is appreciated by industry experts.

  • Being a published helps freelancers to find new clients, land better deals, get more publications and gallery exhibitions in the future.


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Who can submit?

Important: All photographers retain full and exclusive rights to their work.

“I don’t yet feel like I’ve earned the right to submit my work like a “real” photographer, but your platform feels generous and inclusive. It makes me feel like I might as well take the risk, just for the hell of it, so I can see what happens.”

Cahleen Hudson, Amateur Photographer From United States

“Docu Magazine is a great platform for emerging photographers to show their projects to a wider audience. I feel like it’s a great platform for me as I really struggle to find places that show my work. Magazines like this really help young photographers build confidence within themselves.”

Marcus Lister, Amateur Photographer From United Kingdom

“I like the opportunity you offer, the possibilities and support networks for photographers who want to show their work internationally.”

Katherin Nieto, Professional Photographer From Colombia