Option A is ideal for those with a comprehensive understanding of RGB versus CMYK and a proficient knowledge of how ICC profiles function. 
Thank you for selecting option A.
It appears you have the experience needed to prepare a print-ready file. 
Our graphic designers don’t perform any double-checks in Option A. They expect to get 5 files which are ready for printing. 
Please read the info on this page very carefully.  
Set up a color-managed workflow:
  1. Calibrate your monitor using a colorimeter
  2. Install the Blurb ICC profile
  3. Soft proof and save your final 5 images in the proper color space for your workflow.

Why calibrate your monitor?

A profiled monitor allows you to more accurately soft proof your images. Soft proofing is a special preview feature in Adobe® Photoshop® and InDesign® that allows you to see on your monitor how your images will print on a particular device. With a color-managed workflow including Blurb’s ICC profile, you’ll be able to better predict how your images will look in print.

Monitors drift with usage and time so we recommend monthly re-calibrations to ensure an accurate display.

Install the Blurb ICC profile

Color management works its digital magic by converting from one color space into another, while trying to preserve the closest possible color match. This requires an accurate description of the source color space and the destination color space. This description is known as an ICC profile.

Below are steps for installing the profile on a Mac or PC. 

Installing the Blurb ICC Profile on Mac OS X

  • Download the Blurb ICC profile 
  • Place it into the following directory: Main HD > Library > ColorSync > Profiles
  • If you are using Adobe CS, you can also place the profile in the Recommended directory for Adobe applications (Main HD > Library > ColorSync > Profiles > Recommended).
  • Placing the profile in the Recommended folder makes it appear near the top of the profiles list inside Adobe applications

Installing the Blurb ICC Profile on Windows

  • Download the Blurb ICC profile
  • Right-click on the profile and select Install Profile. 
  • If you’re using Adobe CS, you can also place the profile in the preferred directory for Adobe applications: C Drive > Program Files > Common > Adobe > Color > Profiles > Recommended.
  • Placing the profile here makes it more convenient because it will appear near the top of the profiles list inside Adobe applications.

Finally, when you have prepared your files ready for printing in CMYK, please double-check that you meet all the print requirements:

  • Print requirements: Send 5 photos

    • Longer edge: 4000 pixels
    • Resolution: 300 DPI (pixels/inch )
    • Color: CMYK
    • ICC profile: Blurb (select Perceptual as the rendering intent)
    • File format: JPG
    • File name: Your first name _ last name (for example John_Smith)
    • No logos or watermarks, your name will be published with the photo

Then click the button below to submit your files. 

🚫 Please do not submit files that don’t meet the exact requirements

If you’d like our graphic designers to convert your file from RGB to CMYK and ensure it has the correct ICC profile, and do the soft proofing for you, please Select Option B.

Warning: In the event that your files fails to meet the exact technical requirements, please be aware that we will be unable to proceed with printing. Your selection of Option A implies a clear understanding of the expected actions on your part. 

✅ If you have followed the info and double-checked that everything is correct before sending, this is what happens next: Once the print issue is ready, you can find it on our website in the “Buy Magazines” section. There, you’ll see your name, a free digital preview, and a 20% discount of the print issue.