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Please read the interview instructions carefully down below.

Interview questions:

1. What’s your name and where do you come from?

2. You’re a professional photographer… tell us a little bit about your background and career – how did you become a professional photographer?

3. Your tips for a young amateur photographer who wants to build a career as a photographer?

4. Are you open for collaborating with other photographers? If yes, how can they contact you? (Perhaps you can ask them to follow you on Instagram?)

5. What has been the biggest lesson you have learned as a photographer?

6. What are some mistakes (typical or unusual) that new amateur photographers should try to avoid in your opinion?

7. What would you do differently when you look back at your career… and why?

8. Final words: the stage is yours (optional).

Thank you for this interview!


This is a video interview, not a text interview. Your video will be published in our members area online. Your video should be 7-14 minutes long.


Our members are mostly young photographers who want to learn and make new connections.


You can record your interview by yourself – with your phone.


Here is how to record your interview:


1. Take your phone and start filming vertical video (not landscape).


2. Start answering the interview questions, talk to the camera. 


3. You can write the questions on paper, or print them on paper, or look at them on your computer… or you can simply answer the questions one by one and edit the video clips together as 1 mp4 video file.


4. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, be yourself.


5. Don’t add background music or graphics to the video.


After you have answered all the questions and you have 1 video file ( format: mp4).


Go to


Select: “I just want to send files”.


Click the blue + icon.


Upload your video file. (important: file name should be your name, for example: john_smith.mp4)


Email to:


Add your email.


Add your name.


Title: “Interview + your name”.


You can leave the message empty…


Click: “Transfer”.

Here is a great example interview we received from Alessandro. He submitted a project so he has different questions than you.

Finally, don’t close this page until you have checked that you have the questions and the info saved. You should get them on your email too.