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What People Say About Docu Magazine?

Very nice community with a good valorization tool. I like your personalized approach and the simplicity

Lidia Chavoinskaia,
Amateur Photographer, from France.

“After reading the story of Tuomas, my curiosity increased and I wanted to be able to publish in Docu Magazine. I believe that the commitment that Docu makes is honest and it is a platform to show new photographers but above all to open the debate, reflections, and study of contemporary documentary photography as a necessary value for memory and to understand humanity and the environment that surrounds us – and of which we are apart.”

David Diaz Arcos,

Professional Photographer, from Ecuador.

“I like the concept of Docu Magazine and your Instagram account. For me it represents a huge opportunity to get attention and inspire others for what we love about photography.”

Marianne Burri,
Amateur Photographer, from Switzerland.

“I found out about Docu Magazine through a friend who has already published on the platform. I think it’s a great opportunity for visual storytellers, amateurs and professionals, to be displayed. I also like the types of stories picked by the curators: they speak about different realities from all over the world, focusing on interesting themes and subjects. I really appreciated the paper magazine as well, which give a unique meaning to the pictures.”

Chiara Maggiore,
Professional Photographer, from Italy.

“Docu Magazine is a platform that unites and motivates. Thanks to your tips, I have started to develop my networking and make more deliberate plans to promote and implement my projects. One of my projects made it to a group exhibition in London.

Alina Safronova,
Amateur Photographer, from Russia.


“Docu Magazine for amateur photographer is a golden ticket for future opportunity. Getting featured or published in the magazine is a very great thing for photographer like me from a small town.

Sumit Bera,
Amateur Photographer, from India.


It’s an interesting publication, with a nice story behind it and I am interested in discovering more works and issues.

Vicky Markolefa,
Professional Photographer, from Greece.


“I enjoy the diverse styles of photography that it shows, which I think it’s very important nowadays. Also, more than ever we must protect independent journalism and magazines like Docu are essential for that purpose.

Juan Trujillo Andrades,
Professional Photographer, from United Kingdom (UK).


“It’s the biggest opportunity for budding photographers to show their work and also very helpful to improve visual knowledge by seeing others work.

Sujith Sam,
Amateur Photographer, from India.


“It’s wonderful. I see it’s a really great way to promote photographers and share really good projects. Nowadays we don’t see this type of magazines. I know it must be hard on these times, but you are doing a really powerful work to promote documentary photography and culture. Congrats guys!

Marianne Matouk,
Professional Photographer, from Venezuela.


“Docu Magazine is an inspiring source for that kind of photography that lives in between documentation and art, reportage and personal interpretation. Its bold and simple graphic, along with its concise and eloquent texts gives the right relevance to the photographs, I think.

Lorenzo Braca,
Amateur Photographer, from Italy.


“I was just reading Tuomas’ story and it is truly inspiring. It is great to have this ease of access to a publication like this and the possibility to be featured in a documentary publication open for everyone.

Xavier Buendia,
Professional Photographer, from Mexico.

I love the whole concept.

Dennis Schüpf,
Amateur Photographer, from Germany.


“I think you guys are doing very important work at all levels. You show projects that raise important topics, maintain a very high level visually, and make a truly high-quality magazine. In addition, thanks to the opportunity to send a submission, you give voice to young photographers like me from all over the world.

Alexander Kot-Zaitsau,
Professional Photographer, from Poland.


“I think that the work you do is very important because you give a platform to a lot of photographers and you allow us, the readers, to discover again and again new stories.

Olivier Ceccaldi,
Amateur Photographer, from France.


I think it’s good & nice what you doing – and helping people like me.

Eugen Kucheruk,
Amateur Photographer, from Ukraine.


“I met Docu Magazine relatively recently. Like, I can say that maybe for me I can describe my love for film cameras as Saudade, I prefer printed photography. Docu Magazine seems to me to be a very interesting project that gives value to photography worldwide. I have seen publications by great photographers (I hope to be part of them), who can become references for the new generations. Therefore, I believe that just as this project enhances photography, I also believe that it has an enormous responsibility to be able to literally hold it in one’s hands.

Juana Contrera,
Professional Photographer, from Colombia.


“I think Docu Magazine is great because it gets back to the roots of photography which is print and there is something special about having something that is tangible and not only digital. It is also a great way to get peoples work exposed who might tend to get overlooked.

Anthony Pizzoferrato,
Professional Photographer, from United States.


“I have only recently discovered Docu Magazine however it has truly inspired me to continue improving my style as a documentary photographer. Seeing the variety of stories documented through some heart tugging and eye catching imagery has made me question my own work and how I too can document a story with each body of work. I love how you’re using instagram in the most efficient and accessible way possible to get work noticed.

Rebecca Millar,
Amateur Photographer, from United Kingdom (UK).


It’s a great magazine that delivers great work from all over the globe. We need more magazines like this. I think that documentary photography is still underrepresented.

Nenad Hudek,
Amateur Photographer, from Germany.


“I have got a lot of esteem and respect for Docu Magazine. I think the quality of the projects and contents you share is not only extremely high but also truly and deeply meaningful. You share peculiar stories and situations or visions and approaches who deserve and need to be seen at a wider level. You also give a chance of spreading their work to a lot of photographers all over the globe. Thank you for all of this.

Floriana Avellino,
Amateur Photographer, from Italy.


I absolutely love it and think you are all doing an amazing job!

Mary Crnkovic Pilas,
Amateur Photographer, from Croatia.

“I follow the Docu Magazine’s Insta page and I really appreciate the quality of the works exposed and the documentary aspect. Having a text with the photos is really important to me. Also, I’m a great reader. I love books, the smell of paper, the feel of the pages, so I couldn’t not like Docu Magazine!

Florian Coëlo,
Amateur Photographer, from France.


It is a great medium for photographers to get exposure. I love the way it is set up. It looks great and classy.

Ingrid Verhey,
Professional Photographer, from Netherlands.


“When I discovered Docu Magazine on Instagram, I was immediately drawn to the visual stories and photos that the publication is all about. As an amateur photographer, I’m still figuring out what I want to achieve, and narrative photography or visual storytelling appeals to me. When I applied to Docu Magazine for the first time and read Mr. Koshialho’s story, it made me reconsider the impact we may have on others. I want to use the medium of photography to show another perspective on the world. This motivated me to send my images to Docu Magazine.

Meghna Jain,
Amateur Photographer, from India.


“When I studied at the University of the Arts London I often turned to Docu Magazine for a source of inspiration in the Library, as it was a really well-curated, interesting magazine not just for the wonderful and engaging imagery but for the stories as well. I still follow them on Instagram and hope one day my images could be published in there as well and might be a source of inspiration for someone else.

Lili Gyarmati,
Professional Photographer, from Hungary.


I think Docu Magazine is a great creative platform that not only gives space to artists to showcase their work but provides valuable information that can help shape your career, and vision and give you tips on how to succeed.

Gabrielle Joseph,
Amateur Photographer, from United States.


“I think it is great. There is something out there for everyone and your mag allows for stories that might otherwise never get out to be told.

Jon Vigil,
Amateur Photographer, from United States.


Sounds good? We are constantly looking for new talents!