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Acceptable categories: Documentary and Street Photography.


.jpg format works the best, longer edge should be at least 1600 pixels.


No watermarks, logos, texts or other added elements.




How This Works?


Step-by-step info:


1. Submit your photos (almost done).


2. Join our affiliate program, so that you can promote the book and get paid.


3. Send your interview (text interview). It will be published too.


4. The book will be listed to our online store for sale.


5. You will get a personal affiliate link to promote the book to your followers.


6. You will earn a 50% commission when someone buys the book from your personal link.


7. Don't be a salesman, be a storyteller. Don't post your link every day, once a week with a story works much better.


8. Every week the money you have earned will be paid to your PayPal account, or directly to your bank account.


9. How much you will earn is only up to you. If you have over 10K followers this is going to be very easy for you... But if you have less than 1K... This will be tough.



10. Let's get started. 



Best-case scenario: you will get your work + interview published, and you earn money every week by promoting the book.

Worst-case scenario: you will get your work + interview published, but your followers don’t buy the book –> you make no money.