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How To Get Your Work Published?

… In both print and Instagram?

I’m not sure if it’s for you, but this has been very popular…

Would you like to get free feedback from our editors? Know exactly what you are already doing right, learn how to improve, get practical tips…

Are you interested in learning how to create a documentary project from start to finish? Or perhaps how to self-publish a photobook?

Here Is The New PDF Package For Curious Photographers

  • ⭐ Free Bonus 1: Get 1 single image published in the print magazine.

  • Free Bonus 2: Get 1 single image featured on Instagram.

  • Free Bonus 3: Get written feedback about your single image submission.

  • Free Bonus 4: Get access to our upcoming online Masterclass (June, 2022).

  • Free Bonus 5: Get a free PDF of the magazine featuring your work. (put it in your CV/portfolio).


NOW: 77€

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🔴 ”The Project Blueprint For Documentary Photographers was my favorite because it is short, concise, meaningful and very motivational.”


🔴 ”Since I’m interested in publishing a photobook, the Self-Publish guide was my favorite.”


🔴 “The Project Blueprint PDF was my favorite one. I love that it is reduced, on point and unique. I’ve never seen a photographic project procedure on one chart!”


🔴 “All these PDFs are good information, but for me the Project Blueprint is a great recapitulation of the steps to follow in a project.”


This is a limited offer: This opportunity will be gone soon.

Why? Well… It’s very practical: There are only limited number of pages in the print magazine. No magazine has one thousand pages, right? 

This is not for people who:

This package includes 6 practical PDF guides.


  • Self-Publish A Photobook: A Practical Step By Step Guide From Start To Finish. (23 pages)

  • Visual Storytelling Checklist For Documentary Photographers: How To Improve Your Storytelling Skills. (82 pages)

  • Project Blueprint: Step By Step Guide – How To Create A Powerful Documentary Photography Project From Start To Finish. (1 page)

  • How To Turn Problems Into Solutions: Learn How Documentary Photographers Turned Painful Problems Into Brilliant Solutions (50 pages)

  • Ways of Seeing: A Book Summary Every Photography Student Should Read (11 pages)

  • On Photography: A Book Summary Every Photography Student Should Read. (13 pages)

How exactly does this work?

How to get started…

1. After your payment, you will get instant access to the Educational PDF Package. 

2. Then our editors will review your single image submission. They will write a feedback report — and email it to you. Usually this takes about 1 week. 

3.  Our team will send you an email and ask you to send your best image: 1 large file that we can print in high quality.

4. Our graphic designer will put your print file to the next issue’s layout.

5. Our social media team will publish your image on our Instagram feed in a carousel post with other single images. These are usually very popular posts and get a lot of engagement.

That’s it, let’s keep it simple! 

Here’s the bad news…

The competition is crazy these days… There are not many print publications left — and at the same time the number of photographers has been growing quickly. 

It might take years to get your first print publication… Or perhaps it has just been awhile when you got published in print last time… But guess what? 

It’s only getting worse in the future.

Magazines are moving online and thanks to more affordable technology, new photographers are popping up like mushrooms after the rain. 

This is a rare opportunity to finally get your work published in print, we are here to support you! 

… And growing your instagram is a great long-term plan too! You could be just 1 feature away from getting seen by the right people.

In the end – It’s all about 2 things:

  1. Getting seen.
  2. Being appreciated.

Professionals know this already and are probably already bored reading this… But there are many who are not professionals, not everyone knows how the system works. 

Finally, why we are doing this?

There are 4 simple reasons:

  • 1. We think this is important. There are thousands of talented photographers out there who are brilliant storytellers, but no one has discovered them just yet. Our mission is to find them. 
  • 2. We want to keep the submission process free. This means that people from poor backgrounds can submit their works just like anyone else. The profit we make here goes to keeping the submission process free for everyone.
  • 3. Selling a print magazine is not financially clever, in fact we don’t make profit by selling print at all (that’s why others don’t even publish print anymore). The profit we make here keeps the print format alive. 
  • 4. We think learning is important. Having an open mind is the key element for learning. Our philosophy is to always keep an open mind, try to learn and educate others. We are not perfect, but we always do our best. This is our passion.

Hopefully this makes sense — great to have you with us!

Best regards,

Docu team


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