Your Submission Has Been Sent.


Should we put your submission in the Red Basket – or in the Green Basket?

Green Basket: Benefits

PS. here is a short letter if you are interested. 

Can you name any other submission based print publications in this industry?

Docu Magazine is not the biggest or the most popular print publication in the world. 

We don’t have famous photo editors and we don’t have millions of Instagram followers. 

Everyone knows that Print is not a very fresh or modern format… In your shoes, I would think twice before jumping into this boat. 

And yet here we are.

Publishing print is what we do with passion. Other magazines have moved online… Print is a dying format… And still… We believe in print. We do what we love. And we are really happy to see you here as well! 

Our mission is to find interesting work  and publish it. 

Many photographers haven’t found their place in the industry yet. A place that they can call home

A place where you meet like-minded people, make connections, learn and get new ideas… Be an Insider.

Some people say that’s extremely important nowadays… But in the end, everyone makes their own decisions. 

What do you think? As a photographer… Maybe you’re doing great already? Or maybe you’re hungry for more?

You already submitted your work, that clearly means that you are hungry for more. You are serious about your work, right?

Guess what? We are always interested in ambitious photographers.

If you are serious about your photography, maybe this is something you can benefit from in the long run. 

Think about it. It’s tough being a photographer these days… The competition is out of control! 

Doing things alone is not a smart option. And it’s one thing to be part of a collective, or a group… But being part of a publication is a rare opportunity. 

Here’s the cold truth people don’t like to hear: there’s limited seats only. Don’t wait too long or someone else will take your place. 

There’s always people who will take the opportunity when they see it – and there’s always people who wait until it’s too late. 

If you made it this far, you are ambitious and want to join: the door is now open.

Imagine how it feels like when the door closes: and you were left out. 

People make mistakes, that’s human nature. 

But a missed opportunity is something that will eat you from the inside over time. You’ll never know. That’s the most annoying part…

Writing this letter was not easy. 

But in the end I think being honest is more important than being nice or friendly. 

My mission is to keep the magazine running. With this community we are able to create something new and different. Join the team. Let’s do this together. 

Best regards,

Tuomas Koskialho