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You can promote the ebook to your friends and followers on social media.


Every time someone buys the ebook from your link, you will earn a 50% commission, about $13.


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We use a platform called Gumroad to process the payments when someone buys the ebook. Gumroad is a free platform, but they take a small fee (7%) for every sale. 

If you get selected, you need a personal Gumroad account, so that you can get paid too.

You also need a verified PayPal account. (How to verify a PayPal account, click here.)

If you live (yes, you have to actually live) in one of the following countries to get paid directly to your bank account. The estimated payout speed for each country is mentioned in brackets. 

Argentina (7 business days)Australia (2 business days)
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Bulgaria (3 business days)Canada (3 business days)
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Latvia (3 business days)Lithuania (3 business days)
Luxembourg (3 business days)Malta (3 business days)
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New Zealand (4 business days)Peru (7 business days)
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Slovenia (3 business days)South Korea (7 calendar days)
Spain (3 business days)Sweden (3 business days)
Switzerland (3 business days)Thailand (7 calendar days)
Trinidad & Tobago (7 business days)United Arab Emirates* (5 business days)
United Kingdom (3 business days)United States of America (2 business days)

* Business accounts only

If you do not live in one of these countries, you can only be paid out via PayPal

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1. Create a free Gumroad account here: 


2. Make sure you have confirmed your account: Login to your account, go to settings, see the green link ”Resend Confirmation”. Accept the confirmation email . 


3. After you have confirmed your Gumroad account, go to settings, fill out your payout settings. Then go to Settings –> Payments –> Connect PayPal.

It can take a few days for them to verify your account. If you get this done now, then we don’t have to wait if you are selected.

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When someone buys the ebook from your promo link, the buyer pays Gumroad, then Gumroad will process the payment and takes their fee (7%). Then Gumroad pays the affiliate 50% (this is you). Every Friday is a payday.