“I’m grateful that this thing exists. I feel that Docu Magazine is a refreshing free-from-algorithm way to share and promote the work of photographers. It makes me happy to see something like this where you don’t pay your way into getting published – it’s just about the images.”



“I appreciate the openness and the friendliness of this initiative. Would be great to be part of the community you are creating! And also, the idea of printing magazines is so important in the digital age we live in.”



“I like independent initiatives and people who stick to their ideals. It’s very special that you and your team at Docu Magazine & Docu Books manage to do this!”



“I admire the commitment to photography in print (and the funding through ebooks is itself a positive linking of print and digital). Behind the commitment is also an idealism. I share this publishing project’s enjoyment of photography, and, in particular, its enthusiasm for street photography, and belief in the value it has to communicate.”



“I think it’s wonderful that Docu is going beyond Instagram’s algorithms and numbers to promote and share the work of many talented and creative artists whose work deserves to be seen. And in the age of digital/virtual everything, it’s lovely to print and share magazines of selected images. The ebooks are also great to discover work of fellow contemporary photographers and build connections and collaborations. I’m happy to be a part of this community and thank you for all that you’re doing! Keep up the good work!”



“The thing I like the most about art is its human part, and this project feels exactly like that, really human. We get support and learn from each other.”



“I love it when artists support other artists. This isn’t a race to build widgets; impeding other artists comes from a place of insecurity.”



“It is an amazing way for upcoming and young artists to get a kickstart in a really supportive and welcoming community. The mission and idea is truly inspirational and I cannot wait to see how this magazine expands and grows.”



“I think this initiative can give opportunities to photographers who find it difficult to be seen and recognized. People who are talented very often get sidelined because they are not given the chance to show what they are capable of. Being published in Docu Magazine or Docu Books can be both a professional and a personal turning point for young photographers who still don’t quite know how to navigate this world.”



“In my opinion, Docu Magazine and Docu Books are such impressive systems to show and reference photographers from all around the world. I feel it’s a huge step and archives document for the future of street and documentary photography.”



“I think they are a fantastic way to connect photographers. Instagram is great, but it’s easy to get flooded by content and not find the people you really want to connect with. The Docu Magazine and Books condense the work of people with the same interests as me, making it so easy to find inspiration and ways to collaborate. It is also fantastic to see that print isn’t dying out everywhere. As an idea, I think it would be great to have special issues showcasing collaborative projects between photographers who met each other through Docu Magazine and Book publications. Just a thought!”



“I find it a really interesting initiative to share the work of photographers, especially the ones that might not have the opportunities to be seen anywhere else or the ones starting to get involved in the world of photography as a means of art. It means a lot for some of us to have a platform like this.”



“I think it’s really great that Docu Magazine & Docu Books offers “smaller” photographers a platform to connect with other photographers to inspire and support each other. So you have the chance to be seen and meet people who share the same passion.”



“I think it’s a fantastic organization that helps promote photographers, especially under-recognized photographers who have smaller social media followings. I TRULY appreciate the work your team has done to help publish photographers’ work- it really is an outstanding mission that your organization promotes. Thank you!”



“I think what docu magazine and docu books are about is something that’s really great in keeping photographers engaged and wanting to keep the community active with the basic of just wanting to showcase meaningful works of art. the fact that it’s so accessible and easy to enter too makes room for amateurs to try their hand at something new or even have old photographers go back to something they love. It’s really heartwarming to see publishers like these keep photography alive and emphasize the purpose of bringing visual stories to life.”



“I think it’s great what you are doing. It pushes photographers to the next level.”



“I love the concept of Docu Magazine and Docu Books. Having worked in print publications for many years, including for two magazines, I feel very glad to have found you (through social media) and am happy to know that quality, visually rich magazines are still made and are available. Most significantly though, I think your mission to support new and up-coming photographers by creating these publications is a generous and wonderful contribution to the arts today and to keeping photography alive and relevant.”



“It seems to be an interesting concept. It’s my first time to publish photos this way.”



“I have always photographed because it is something I love. To one day work as a photographer has always been a dream but making it more than that is scary. It feels different now. It is with honesty I say that Docu Magazine and Docu Books showed me a different world with their mission statement. That you do not have to be all or nothing to be someone in this branch. That there are photographers that help each other. It made me realize that maybe I dare to follow my dream. That I love to be part of a community where I can admire others’ work and in the meantime learn from those who have been where I am now before me. I want to say thank you to docubooks. Thank you for giving everyone a chance.”



“I think it is so nice to showcase unknown and new photographers around the world. When you are on your own or an amateur photographer like myself is not easy to showcase your work. And definitely having a printed photo in your hands is another feeling, a very nice feeling”



“I think it’s great that in this day and age, you are creating printed magazines as well as ebooks. Instagram is good in a way but everything flies by in a flash and the last impressions are already gone with the next. An ebook or a printed magazine you look at a reduced speed and experience the content simply more consciously. You have a great concept!”



“I believe that Docu Magazine and Docu Books are two important media platforms for sharing and showcasing the work of photographic artists. These projects play a crucial role in preserving and promoting the world of art and photography by creating opportunities for artists to gain recognition and establishing connections within the artistic community.”



“That’s a great idea and opportunity to all emergents photographers in the world. Thanks for all your help and work!”



“It’s a great opportunity for up-and-coming photographers, providing everyone a fair chance based on merit rather than connections.”



“I am actively seeking channels that allow me to connect with my audience on a deeper level and engage with individuals who share similar experiences and interests. Docu Magazine & Docu Books provide an avenue for photographers like myself to not only showcase our work but also engage in a meaningful dialogue with viewers.”



“Docu Magazine’s approach offers photographers with small social followings the chance to have their talent recognized and appreciated. It provides equal opportunities, fosters a supportive community, celebrates the tangible impact of print, and offers valuable learning and networking resources. It is an excellent platform for photographers to showcase their work, grow their skills, and connect with others who share their passion for the craft.”



“I enjoy supporting small and independent artists, and your Instagram page and docu books are a fantastic way to do that.”



“I love it and I love the back story of your magazine – keep it up! I wish you the very best!”



“I think it’s wonderful what you’re doing, and it’s amazing that we have the opportunity to be recognized for what we do and love, regardless of the number of followers we have on our social media. Thanks to Tuomas for creating this space!”



“There is so much talent out there that don’t get recognized, don’t have a zillion followers on social media, but make great work that needs sharing and publishing. I love Docu Magazine’s mission to make that happen.”



“I loved the idea to connect photographers with the same passion and share their work. It shows we can be stronger and help each other in many things if we stand together.”



“I love it! You bring the opportunity for a wider audience to photography enthusiasts and attention to our passion. The fact that it’s free to enter – and that the artist retains the rights to our work – simply proves your own enthusiasm and commitment to helping people showcase their creativity.”



“I completely agree with your sentiments about Docu Magazine and Docu Books. The personal story of Tuomas and the mission of these platforms are truly inspiring. As an amateur photographer myself, I understand how much courage and dedication required to pursue a career in photography. Docu Magazine provides a valuable platform for photographers to showcase their work, be seen, and receive recognition.”



“I really like the initiative as well as the layout and the organization of the Docu Magazine & Docu Books. It is a way to bring artists together, collect good work and save it in a booklet. It is like an informative souvenir for the future.”



“I think it’s extremely important for people to have a platform to showcase their work, especially if it’s lacking exposure. There are too many good photographers and too few people willing to be selfless sharing their platform to help the community! Docu Magazine & Docu Books does just that!”



“It is a great opportunity to be part of a growing community and discover other talented photographers.”



“Docu Magazine offers new or lesser known photographers an excellent platform to reach more people and get their work out to the world. It’s also a medium that serves as an introduction to other photographers and therefore also an inspiration for your own work. It’s a great way of bringing people with similar interests and goals together and creating a wide range of collaborations which benefit the work and platform of every photographer.”



“I really like that the selected artists are published within the magazine, there’s an unspoken sense of pride having your work published in something tangible, as well as having it in the form of Docu Books which may be a lot more accessible for a wide audience. I really love what the Docu team is doing, I’m looking forward to seeing more work published from the community in the near future.”



“I’m truly grateful to have discovered you and through you, this vibrant community. It brings me joy to immerse myself in the captivating works and vibrant energy shared by participants from all corners of the globe. The experience of this community enriches my artistic journey in profound and meaningful ways.”



“I like the sense of belonging to a community of photographers who are all exploring ways forward at the earlier stages of growing on social media. It appears that Docu Magazine and Docu Books are a rich source of images to explore.”