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We are looking for a few more submissions for the upcoming magazine.

Docu Magazine: Vol 2, Issue 9, October 2021

Final Deadline: September 29, 2021

Docu Magazine is a print publication from Helsinki, Finland.

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It’s hard being a photographer these days…


The competition is tough. And the bad news is that it’s not getting any easier in the future. Many up-and-coming photographers are giving up, and for a good reason. 


But… Getting your work published is a great status uplift. It makes you stand out. In today’s world, getting published is a well-deserved accomplishment. And you have already done the hard work. Let’s get started!


Submit your project or photo essay today, our editors want to see your work before the last-minute rush hour!


Nowadays there are so many interesting projects out there that nobody knows about. Our mission is to find them and publish them.


Your Benefits: 


One photographer gets the cover page + wins a 100€ cash prize. 8 projects will be featured in the print magazine.


More projects will be published on Docu Magazine’s Instagram.


The feeling of accomplishment is quite amazing if your project gets selected.


And it’s not just your CV that will look better, many photographers put their accomplishments on their Instagram “highlights”. That’s smart.


What Published Photographers Say?


“This is my first publication as a documentary photographer, so this is very important to me.”  

Fernanda Brandão, published in Docu Magazine: Vol 2, Issue 4, 2021.

 “The way the magazine is appreciating the photographers and their work is outstanding. And nowadays something like this is hard to find, I think…”

O-Young Kwon, published in Docu Magazine Vol 2, Issue 5, 2021⁠.


Why there is a submission fee?


We are a 100% independent publication. We don’t have a government or any other funding. There is no big corporation or even a small company behind the magazine.


We are a group of independent freelancers (a creative hub). For us, being independent and having freedom is very important. If you are a freelancer yourself, you probably understand.


Is this a good time to submit?


Yes! Don’t miss out! The deadline is approaching soon…


A new study by Harvard and BCG says this:


More high-skill freelancers are needed in the future. How is your resume looking? How many publications you have listed on your resume right now? Do you have a plan to give your resume an uplift? How many followers do you have on social media… 


Money-back guarantee.


If you change your mind, you can cancel your submission and get your money back. How to cancel? Send an email to (however, you cannot cancel after the deadline!).


How does it work?


Send your project by clicking the green button. Fast, easy, and simple.


Let’s get started.


Our editors are looking for new talents. We want to see your project!

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Docu team

PS. Do you like the “Instagram Guarantee” option? Many photographers have asked for it and now it’s finally activated!