Photo: © Rico X

Docu Interview: Rico X

Instagram: @adventures_of_rico

1. What’s your favorite drink?

Well damn, that is a big question, depends on ones mood like most things. Being a super super amateur home mixologist or as other folk call them, bartender, I can knock out a range of different drinks to fit my mood. That also includes dehydrating fruit for garnishes and to look more fancy that we really are, then we got the process of making alcohol soaked cherries and of course the “Nutty Professor” stuff making “crystal clear” cocktail ice but as we said, Rico is super super amateur. 

Oh got side tracked, back to the actual question, basically drinks mixed with Rum or Mezcal being my personal faves, if had to say MY drink, would be a Negroni, but then we have game night, with Man Utd playing, then the Rico cracks open a nice ice cold beer from his beer fridge.

2. Who are you?

Hmmmm the cliché, “who are you” question, Rico hates this question, there is who you think you are, you people think you are and what you really are, and who really cares?!?! We just a dude who always took pictures from a young age, then one day started taking pics with “intend” but “hobby intend” and like all serious hobbies, we call them hobbies as they don’t make enough to pay the bills or in my case keep the drinks cabinet full, it got out of control and here we are, travelling the world in our spare time and when down route with work shooting the world we see. The End!

3. Let's travel back in time... How did you get started with photography?

See above! Sorry it is not a Disney fairy-tale or something for Netflix, but show Rico that Netflix deal money, sure Rico could come up with something.

4. Tell about your project/photo essay?

Meet Mr Boro Popovic a local smoke ham and cheese producer from the town of Njegusi, Montenegro. We managed to spark up a short friendship for all of a few hours as he was intrigued with what a black Caribbean man was doing with a massive camera in the village of Njegusi and I (Rico) was intrigued with his little shop where he sells to passing tourists his homemade (literally in his garage) cheese, ham, honey and other bits and pieces, but unfortunately tourists have been far and few by the way due to somebody eating a bat (the verdict is still out on this one, don’t want to be sued) and starting a global pandemic.

The End!

5. What is your advice for new young photographers?

Shoot what you want, what you like, not for the “likes” and don’t ever sell your soul for free shit and cheap exposure.

6. What is or has been your biggest struggle as a photographer?

Ask another question.

7. What is your opinion: who are currently the "thought leaders" in documentary photography/visual storytelling?

Some living and unfortunately past.
Emmanuel Bobbie aka Bob Pixel. Ruddy Rove. Mel D. Cole Jamel Shabazz. Gordon Parks. Yassine Alaoui Ismaili. Afshin Ismaeli. Mustafa Hassona. Then your standard white guys Ivor Prickett, Steve McCurry, Martin Parr, Joel Meyerowitz…
… Basically Rico’s Instagram feed/books of masturbation, sorry meant inspiration.

8. How about the "next big names"? Name 1-3 up-and-coming photographers who are not very famous yet, but whose work everyone should check out.

9. Do you sell prints? If yes, where can people buy them?

Yes! On my site under the tab “store”

10. Why did you submit your project/photo essay to Docu Magazine?

Cue cheesy cliché movie reference/quote… (not sure what it is classed as quote, reference, who knows, but you get it Rico is sure) “What’s your dream? Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don’t; but keep on dreamin’ — this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin’” – Pretty Woman (

BONUS: Anything else you would like to add?